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Welcome To:
From: Steven, Justin and John
Subject: Calling All Entrepreneurs!
"...Our Software generates HIGH VALUE membership sites that you can charge a monthly fee for your customers to access... "
Many online and offline entrepreneurs strive to create a recurring revenue stream. 
I mean, there's no doubt a nice easy passive income is the way to go, right?

That's where Instant Members Area comes in. Our Software generates HIGH VALUE membership sites that you can charge a monthly fee for your customers to access. 

Think about this: If your business had just 100 members who pay you $40 per month... that’s $4,000 each and every month in profit! 

Not too shabby! Not only is growing the bottom line a great benefit, but a members-only site is a GREAT way to build customer loyalty and a sense of community among members. (think; repeat customers)

Even though it's a great way to make a recurring income and build a loyal community... maybe you just keep thinking to yourself... “I'd love that scenario, but, there's just a LOT of work to do!”
Well, if so, 
I completely understand. Really, I get it. I've personally started and ran membership sites as far back as 20 years ago and there's a LOT to keep up with.

Frankly, it can be a HUGE pain in the butt. Not only is there a LOT to do just to get it up and running, but there's a lot to do to KEEP it going! Oh, and especially if you don't know how to write code, design, or any technical know-how.

Today it's much easier to get a site up and running. You have Wordpress plug ins and software that can make it faster and easier to get a site up and running online.

But there's still the problem of making sure you're adding fresh new content. I mean, if you don't give your customers their money’s worth on a regular basis each and every month... if you don't keep your members happy (and paying)...
Your Membership Site Will Die a Slow Death!
If more people are dropping out than are joining, you've got a sinking ship on your hands. This is where most decide to give up on the idea of having a steady, growing membership site.
And it's why a lot of business owners don’t want to spend the
 Time, Effort and Money
    To build a membership site when they're unsure if it's worth it.
    "Attrition can dramatically eat into any profits you make"
    The main fear is, what's the use of doing all the hard work creating a membership site if you're going to have a lot of people dropping out? 

    A you're aware, "churn rate", or attrition, can dramatically eat into any profits you make.

    So, what do you do if you want to keep your membership site profitable with a very low churn rate? 
    "...What I'm going to show you Eliminates 90% of the hard work..."
    Well, that's why this letter is here, honestly. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. What I'm going to show you, eliminates 90% of the hard work when building and running a membership site.

    It's true, what I'm going to share with you is the fastest and easiest way you'll EVER get a membership site up and running. You can use it immediately bring in paying members so you start earning recurring income today!

    I've seen first hand how difficult it USED to be in the past when I wanted to add a membership site to my business. I always wanted another offer for my back end, and a growing recurring income too.
    "...that's been my recipe for success with membership sites. "
    I mean, it's pretty comforting knowing that you're getting a steady and continuous flow of income each and every month from your membership site. I've found if you give your members amazing content, valuable insight, and all the resources they need to succeed...

    That's been my recipe for success with membership sites.

    By success, I don't just mean financial success and a large recurring income. I also mean having a GROWING community of like-minded individuals who LOVE helping each other.
    But It wasn't always easy...

    When I first started my membership site, it took me WEEKS just to get the first prototype up. 

    The first version of it was pretty ugly because I didn't have any coding, design, or technical skills.

    Before I knew it... days turned to weeks and then weeks turned to MONTHS.

    With each passing day, I'd get a little more excited because I knew I was closer to the site being done. But then it hit me after I had the actually site up:
    I realized I still wasn't even CLOSE to being ready to open my membership site! I had to fill it with content that my community WANTED
    And not just once, but every month!
    My excitement turned to disappointment when I realized just how much work it took to create a membership site. I thought long and hard about how I could make the process easier. 

    At first, I thought about making it easier for myself... but when I DID, I thought about how other online marketers and entrepreneurs could use this as well. 

    I knew there had to be a way for any marketer who wanted a membership site to get one up, running, and bringing in cash, while it was as “hands off” as possible...
    So You Don't Have to Spend a TON of Time or Money....
    That way, you could focus on getting more people to SEE your site and sign up. 

    You wouldn't have to spend your entire day creating content or building the actual site.
    Sure, you can outsource it and get a freelancer to keep filling your membership site with new, fresh content.

    But let's be honest. 

    How many freelancers are going to be as passionate about your site as you are?

    How many are going to “live and breath” the content and topics that you do?
    The good news is, there's an easier way. 
    Have you seen some of the content that's being peddled on freelance sites?
    You don't want to risk your membership site on someone who doesn't speak the right language.
    Not to mention the continuous cost that adds up when paying for monthly content from freelancers
    Believe me, because I've paid it...
    You'd be looking at several hundred dollars a month just to hire GOOD content writers on a freelancing site. Nobody Wants to waste time and money on that. The good news is, there's an easier way. 
    ...offer your customers a new back end product 
    that will help you add value...
    I want to introduce you to Instant Members Area... the fastest and easiest way to get your own membership site up, running, & bringing in ever-growing profits each and every day.

    Now you can offer your customers a new back end product that will help you add value, build community, and grow your business sales, profits, and cash flow.

    Not only do your customers have a new place to get valuable advice and grow a sense of community...Instant Members Area will keep growing YOUR business revenue...
    Well, I'm here to tell you that:
    •  You don't have to spend all day creating content yourself.
    •  You don't have to invest a ton of money hiring freelance writers to create content.
    •  You don't have to spend any time writing code, doing design, or building any kind of membership site.
    I want to introduce you to Instant Members Area 
    The fastest and easiest way to get your own membership site...
    ...up, running, & bringing in ever-growing 
    profits each and every day.
    Yes, Instant Members Area was built so you can offer your customers a new back end product that will help you ...
    •  ...add value. 
    • community.
    •  ...and grow your business sales, profits, and cash flow. 
    Built-In Recurring & Growing Affiliate Commissions
    Can you imagine... 
    ...Having a membership site done for you, completely set up and FILLED with valuable content so you don't have to do it, or be in charge of getting it done?
    Imagine how much work, stress, and worry that takes off your plate, when you only have to focus on getting people into your site. 

    Not only that, but every resource your members will need are BUILT IN to Instant Members Area! 

    That way, you earn commissions each time your members signs up to use a resource!
    means you get built in, recurring affiliate commissions that come in every month, without doing ANY work.
    I'm sure you know that there's a LOT of tools and resources you can use to build your online business these days? Well, when we built Instant Members Area...

    We wanted to make it an ever-growing income and asset for you.
    Within Instant Members Area, all of the tools and resources are pre-built with your affiliate links so you get paid a commission each time someone signs up for one of the resources. 

    Not only can you earn a recurring income from your actual membership fee... 

    ...but you also walk members through the tools and resources they need to sell online. 

    That means you get built in, recurring affiliate commissions that come in every month, 
    WITHOUT doing ANY extra work.
    Since there are DOZENS of these tools and resources, each one a potential recurring affiliate commission for you, imagine how fast your income and cash flow will grow when hundreds of people start signing up for dozens of these tools and resources!
    YOU Get the Affiliate Commission!
    I built Instant Members Area with the idea of having the perfect membership site available to ANYONE who wanted to add one to their business. 

    It was created with the business owner in mind so you wouldn't be doing the tech work, content creation, or anything other than sending people to it.
    Instant Members Area was built to be the first and ONLY resource you can use to get your very own membership site up and running... without you doing any of the work! Well, unless you count checking out your affiliate commissions as work! 

    But seriously, there is NO need for any technical skills, design experience, or programming. 
    You don't need to know coding, design a layout, or build anything inside a membership site.
    With Instant Members Area, your entire membership site is built FOR you!
    Here's How Instant Members Area Works:
     Step #1: Pick the Style, Design, and Layout
    You can choose between many different scientifically pre-designed templates and styles for your membership site, based on the look and feel you want. Just change the color schemes to where you want and you'll be online faster and easier. That means you can get a top notch, professional design in minutes, without knowing how to code or do any design or layout. 
    Here's A Few Of The Members Areas, You Can Use!
     Step #2: Select Built-in, Recurring Affiliate Commissions 
    Each and every month... you'll get the content and valuable information ADDED to your membership site, FOR you... so that you don't have to do it yourself!

    Here's where the REAL money adds up, and fast! Remember, once inside, your members will be able to sign up for the email autoresponders, software, and other online business-building tools they'll need.
    Since they sign up using your built-in affiliate links, you'll get the commissions and a steady recurring income every month without any work!

    You scroll and click... meaning your entire site is “drag and drop, point and click” ready to use!

     Step #3: Connect Your Membership Site To Your Funnel
    All that's left now is to scroll, click and connect your membership site to your funnel. 

    Bottom line, you can sign up and have your very own membership site up and running in SECONDS... no hard work, no need to create content, and no need to do ANY tech stuff.

    Everything Inside Your Membership Site?
    It's Done FOR You!
    You just have to get people to enroll, that's it. The entire site is done for you and content added for you... leaving it hands-free to add a membership site to your business.

    Sure, you can change 
    ....headlines, content, add images,
    .....put in videos, and more if you want to customize it. 

    It's totally up to you. You can literally just drag and drop your entire way until the site is live and members are paying you for the content!
    Additional Instant Members Area Benefits:
    In MINUTES... you can have your own membership site done for you, with built-in recurring affiliate commissions!
    And what would have normally taken you weeks or even months, will now be done in minutes.  
    Even better, what would have COST you an arm and a leg by having to outsource all of the content creation
    will no longer cost you anything! 
      Because all of the built-in tools and resources inside Instant Members Area will actually...
      Make you Ever-Growing Recurring Affiliate Commissions!
      This recurring income will continue to get bigger as more and more customers invest in your membership site.
      All in one resource, in one exact place, you get EVERYTHING you need in order to start, run, and GROW your membership site.  

      I mean, seriously, how much time, money, and FRUSTRATION will Instant Members Area save you since you don't have to build anything to get your membership site up and online?

      We give you EVERYTHING you need to start and run your membership site online, all in one spot. I'm talking all of the pages, membership site resources, and all of the content...
      All in ONE Exact Place
      I've taken every single tool and resource I've used over the last decade of starting and running membership sites and put them inside Instant Members Area for you to use. 

      Not only will you get all of these tools and resources for a fraction of the cost... remember, this actually makes you a lot more money each month. That's because not only will you be able to charge $27, $47, $97... heck, you can charge as much as you want for your membership site.

      But the magic happens with the built-in resources that your customers will have access to and sign up to use.
      Guess what...
      YOU Get the Built-In Affiliate Commissions When they do!
      So, not only will you make money on your membership fee, but you'll also have a steady stream of built-in affiliate commissions coming in each and every month, like clockwork.
      With a $40 membership fee, if you get 100 members, that's $4,000 per month in recurring income. And that's not even including the affiliate commissions you get each and every month, all from the built in referrals inside Instant Members Area
      So let me just say, unless your membership site is up and making money... you can't afford NOT to use this!
      In fact, just try Instant Members Area today so you can see for yourself how quick and easy it is to create your membership site without needing skills, experience, or know-how.
      Want to add a health and fitness membership site? 
      Now you can, in minutes! 
      Want to add a Bizopp/MMO membership site? 
      Now you can, in minutes! 
      No matter what kind of business you run, whether you sell products or services... there's no reason why you can't start and run a profitable membership site... 

      Without Doing ANY of the Heavy Lifting or hard work!  
      If you're ready to add a membership site to your business back end, then this is by FAR the fastest and easiest way to do it, bar none.

      Just imagine having the ability to add a new income stream that's recurring and one that requires little, if any work. Well, with your membership site run with Instant Members Area, that's a breeze. And instead of spending weeks or months trying to design, code, or create content... without having to spend a ton of money hiring content writers or programmers... you're just a few clicks away from a membership site that converts fans into community.

      You don't have to hire any expensive freelance designers or content writers. With Instant Members Area, you just click, point, build, and GO! All you need to do is plug in your affiliate links, a few lines of text and your membership site is up and running.

      Sign up for a FREE 2-week trial today, and see for yourself how simple it is to create a membership site...even if you're no good at designing or you've never built a website or membership site ever before!
      Ready To Get Started With Instant Members Area?
      Yes, Instant Members Area Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Add In Revenue With Your Membership Site 
      All In One Convenient Spot...
      The Built in Site Editor Helps You Choose the Look and Feel You Want Your Site to Have...
      The built-in editor allows you to change as you see fit, depending on your niche and what you need. The entire site scheme and color is customizable. 

      With a few clicks, you'll have your membership site looking like you want it... all without having to hire an expensive designer or expensive site builder.

      As you can see here... everything is laid out for you, step by step, so you can build your site how YOU want it...
      The Dashboard Makes it “At a Glance Easy” to See All Your Sales, Revenue, and Stats...
      You’ll also see all of your stats in your dashboard so you know EXACTLY what’s working, what isn't, and needs improving so you can constantly grow your membership site.

      This “at a glance” dash will show you how many members enrolled each day, what the days sales were, and what refunds, if any. This way, you can see, in seconds, the financial health of your membership site.

      Each and every sale is broken down for you... from front end sales, one time offers, and more. You can also search by member, to make administrative tasks a lot faster and easier...
      View Your Site in Real Time..
      No spending hours working with design, coding, or layout... and no waiting weeks or months to either do it yourself or for a freelancer to finish your site. Instant Members Area takes the need for programmers, coders, and designers away... putting the power in your hands.

      Just drag, drop, point and click... building your members-only site couldn’t be easier.
      Let's Not Forget That You Can Also....
      •  Search for Any Member...
      •  Run Reports Anytime You Want
      •  You Can Pick and Choose Your Payment Process and Shopping Cart..
      •  A Whole Host of Sales Scripts and Support Requests
      •  YOU Decide Where to Add Pages to Your Sales Funnel
      •  And So Much More.......
      It's Easy To Get Your Membership Site Online and Making Money!
      No longer will you be left wondering what to do if you want to start your own membership site.
      Now you can focus on the bigger picture of your business... 

      ...Which is adding valuable insight and content to your customers by way of your membership site... keeping them happy and more than willing to pay each month!
      Believe me,
      Do THAT and you'll have constant customers and loyal fans continually buying more and more from you!
      As I already pointed out, the financial benefits of membership sites are massive. It’s like selling a product and then getting paid again and again each and every month!

      And without having to keep driving more traffic. What's more, providing new content to your members will build loyalty... making it easier to promote new products in the future.
      Because They're Members... 
      New Product Sales are Almost 100% profit!
      I can tell you from experience, having a productive community and growing membership site is one of the BEST recurring revenue generators you can have for your online business.
      The downside is... there are so many tiny details and little things that can get in the way when you're trying to build a membership site. That's why it makes all the sense in the world to just use Instant Members Area... so you don't have to WORRY about any of that!  
      If you want a membership site to add to your online business, you'll NEVER find anything faster and easier to get up and running. And especially not something THIS profitable with built in affiliate commissions.

      Or, if you've been trying to get a membership site up and it's not working, or you have one and it's not very profitable... you need to make a change. Nothing you'll ever try will be quicker or easier than Instant Members Area.  
      Again, don't take my word for it...
      Give it a try. 

      There is NO catch, no risk, and no obligation. Just test drive it and see for yourself how powerful it is for making members-only sites without any hard work, expensive costs, or need for resources typically used in members-only sites. 
      Get Your FREE 14 Day Trial Today! 
      We Give You EVERYTHING
      With a FREE trial you can use to get up and selling… you don't have to waste any money to start. 

      REAL people like you and me are making a GREAT income with Instant Members Area by filling up their membership site with a thriving community who are more than happy to keep paying for information and insight that helps them. 
      You'll save so much time and money using Instant Members Area, not to mention all the worry, stress, and anxiety you'll avoid by not having to do all the work yourself
      Just focus on building your tribe and community of members while we update the content and provide you with the tools to succeed.
        The faster you get started, the faster you'll have a growing successful membership site that's bringing in a steady, constantly-growing and recurring income. 

        Everything you need is right here, all in one place, under one roof. Better yet, getting up and running is quick and easy because we do it all for you.

        Remember, you don't have to deal with any long term contracts or extended commitments. With Instant Members, it's month to month, pay as you go. You can cancel any time you want... you're never locked in to anything.

        Should you need any help or assistance at all, you'll have support right inside your dashboard. You click right on the support inside your members-only area and a support member can answer your question 24/7!  
        Even Still, You Get Step by Step Guidance!  
        And should you want to “do it yourself” without support... you can use each of these trainings to see what needs to be done, everything is covered.

        Bottom line... the potential for a steady and growing recurring revenue is right here, right now. 
        The benefits will truly help your business to grow! So, go ahead and see for yourself how much time and money you could be saving by using Instant Members Area...

        So, what are you waiting for?
        Create Your Free 2 Week Trial Today, And Lets Create Your First Membership Site Now!
        Steven, Justin and John
        P.S. - Are you still nervous to get started...? Have you failed before in the past? 

        If so, then keep reading below to figure out what you need to do to finally have your entrepreneurial success story!